Environment week 2017

Before the holidays, we were learning about how to look after the environment and in particular out school environment.


In Topaz class, we made bird feeders. It was very sticky! When they were dry we went up and put them in the secret garden we are hoping that birds will come and visit. image1 (9)

In Jet class we learnt all about recycling and sorting materials. We then decorated our paper bin like a giraffe. Miss Breeze’s favorite animal!



In Ruby class we used the playpod to sort big materials into the correct areas. We enjoyed being out in the sunshine!IMG_3009


And in Pearl class we went up to the secret garden to investigate if it would be a suitable habitat for birds.

Road safety

All the children in Topaz class are so proud of this superstar!. He came 3rd in the Ks1 road safety competition. He designed an amazing poster all on his on! Well done you superstar!



Y1 bug hunt!

We have been up to the secret garden to see what we could find.

First we thought about all the things we might see, here are so,e of our ideas:


– berries

– leaves

– trees



We we found lots of exciting things in the secret garden then brought them back to the classroom to sort into groups. #science



Baking Bread

This week we have been looking at the story of the little red hen and we were very excited to find out we were going to try baking bread!

We went to the cooking room in small groups to make the bread. The first thing we remembered to do was wash our hands to make sure they were clean!

We followed the instructions and carefully weighed and measured out all the ingredients using a measuring jug and weighing scales.

We then mixed the dough together it was very hard work!

We then kneaded the dough! We found this part the most hard work! We all had a ball of dough to make into a bread cake and we put them in the oven.

We discussed ideas about what we were going to do with our bread at home. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Make a sandwich
  • Have a chip butty
  • Put chocolate spread on it
  • Put butter on it


Parent’s phonics Workshop

It was wonderful to see so many parents/carers at the Y1 Phonics meeting yesterday morning. All the parents that came got a free resource pack to take home with lots of phonics activities inside. The children loved making phonics games with their grown ups and they were so excited to come and tell Miss Breeze and Mrs Reed all about it.


Thank you to everyone that came!


For 2 weeks we have been learning how to play football with the Sheffield United community foundation.


We learnt how to dribble the ball around each other, stop the ball from rolling away with our foot. We also did some careful passing to our friends.


At at the end of the last session we split into 4 teams and played some short games against each other. Miss Breeze saw some amazing team spirit and team work.

Super writers!

Have a look who are Topaz super writers over the past 2 weeks.

This is super writer has been trying very hard with his cursive handwriting. He has been practicing lots at home and is now starting to do that lovely handwriting in his literacy book. Well done! image

This super writer has been doing some brilliant story writing. He has taken it upon himself to write his own story during learning time even when he is not working in a group! He has been doing some amazing learning and using his phonics knowledge to sound out his sentences. image

Planting sunflowers

This half term our topic is plants and seasons. To start the half term we planted some sunflower seeds. We are going to keep a diary and look carefully at how they are growing.

what plants need to grow:

– water

-sun light

In  literacy we wrote instructions to tell Jet class how to plant a sunflower seed, you could you could ask us how to plant a seed.



We love science!!

Prince Edward school has been lucky enough to have microscopes in school and Last week, we were lucky enough to get to use the microscopes!

We were very excited when Mr Sieczarek, brought a big box into our classroom. We thought it might have been a doll or Miss Breeze’s tortoise. We were very surprised when we saw the microscopes. Miss Varley showed us how to use them and we learnt some new words, ‘blurry’ and ‘in focus’. We all couldn’t wait to have a turn.

We all got to look at different things, our favourite was the jelly baby as you could see each Sugar crystal on top.

We then looked at flowers and leaves, this links to our topic this half term, it was exciting to see what they looked like close up.