Wear it wild!! 

Some of  the children at Prince Edward Primary took part in wear it wild on Friday but because the Y1 children were at Norfolk park we got dressed up today! All the money we have raised is going to support the WWF. We LOVED dressing up as animals!! Thank you for all of the donations ūüėä


Hey You!!

This half term the Year 1 children have been trying really hard to learn a song called Hey You! The song has a bit of rapping and a bit of singing and  as a class we thought of some actions. 
As a class we decided that we wanted to split the song into two parts so that the boys do the rapping and the girls to the singing. 
Today we performed our song to Jet class, here are some of the things they liked about it:
– the actions 

– that the boys and girls singing different parts 

– the pose at the end 

Autumn walk in Norfolk Park!

On Friday the Y1 children went on a trip to Norfolk park. We walked down to the park to look for signs of autumn.
When we got to the park we had our snack and discussed what we might see.

We then walked around the park looking for signs of autumn,

We saw

– fallen leaves

– leaves that had changed colour

– Conker shells

– squirrels

– Acorns

We then had our lunch in the centre. After lunch we played some games on the grass. Our favourite was duck duck goose! We then did some sketching in pairs of what we could see. 

We had so much fun on our Autumn walk!

Superstar writers!! 

Have a look at Topaz super writers!! Both these boys have done some amazing writing since coming back to school. They have been trying hard to keep their writing cursive and used their phonics to sound out their words. Well done boys.

 I wonder who it going to be superstar writer next week?

Marvellous maths 

Have a look at our maths superstars. Both of these children have been trying really hard in maths since they started in Y1. We have been learning some tricky addition and subtraction methods and both girls have tried really hard and even when it has been tough they still didn’t give up!! Keep up the hard work!!

Ks1 bake sale 

Last week Ks1 held a bake sale for the Ks1 and FS children to continue to raise money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. 

Y1 decided that they wanted to make cupcakes with sprinkles.

We really enjoyed following the recipe and adding food colouring to the mixture to change the colour of the cupcakes. The cupcakes tasted delicious!! 

A massive thank you to all of the parents and carers in FS and KS1 who helped to make the Bake Sale such a success with their kind donations. We made a grand total of ¬£88.00. This money will be added to the previous money raised. 

Superstar writer!

I have been blown away by your writing this week. You made sure that your handwriting is neat, you are now reading back your work to check that is makes sense. You produced an amazing 4 page story in your morning book!


Keep it up! Y2 are lucky to have you!

We love Space!!

This half term we have been learning all about space. We have been talking about all the different planets in our solar system and describing what they look like.

Some children pretend they were astronauts and had a go at drawing their picture on their back. It was really tricky!!



Some children created space stories in the moon sand. They decided to build a wall to keep all the aliens out. They also made houses for the astronauts to stop in on the moon. The children thought about what it would be like on the moon, they decided that they would not like to live on the moon because the moon has no gravity and they would float away.


Some children used chalk to draw space. We thought carefully about what space looked like and the colours we might use. We looked at some pictures of planets and discussed what we liked best. Have a look at some of our pictures!



We have really enjoyed learning about space!IMG_3540