Ice skating

We were very lucky today when an ice skating rink came to our school. Some of us were a little worried about going on the ice while some of us were really excited. Everyone went on the ice even Miss Breeze and Miss Bibby! Some of us fell over a few times but we always got back up and tried again.



This half term we are going to be learning all about plants and trees. To start off our topic we planted some seeds and then went up onto the field to look at the different flowers and trees that we have at school. We are looking forward to learning all about plants. If you find a plant that you like take a picture or bring it in, Topaz class would love to see all of your photos!

New addition to Topaz class

Topaz class have been superstars since September! They wanted their treat to be goldfish. We wrote about how we would look after our goldfish.

Miss Breeze went and bought a tank and we were very excited to help her set it up!

Eboney suggested that we got 2 goldfish so they could be best friends and not lonely!

Miss Breeze and Miss Bibby went to they pet shop at lunch time to pick up the fish, we waited in the playground to see if we could see them.

We decided as a class to call them Ariel and Sebastian!! We love them!!


We were very lucky to have the football coach with us this half term. We learnt how to dribble a ball using different parts of our feet. We really enjoyed playing the games and practicing our passing skills. We even played a match!

Yorkshire wildlife park!

We have been learning all about hot and cold places, in particular animals and their habitats. We had a very special treat and got to go to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We were very excited to go on the coach.

We wanted to see;

– polar bears

– lions

– giraffes

– leopards

When we got there we got to hold some animals, we thought the snail felt hard and slimey!! We loved to feel the centipedes long legs on our arms. Miss Breeze even held the snake!!

We then got to walk around and look at the animals. We had so much fun!

Fruit tasting

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be learning all about Handa’s surprise… to start of the topic we thought it would be fun to try the fruits from the story.

We tried:

– banana

– orange

– mango

– pineapple

– guava

– avocado

– passion fruit

Multi skills workshop!!

Ks1 were lucky enough to go to a sports workshop at Park academy. We walked down their very carefully it was a long walk!!

When we got there we were split into teams and competed in different sports:

We did:

– running

– jumping

– space hoppers

– team games

– throwing and catching

Miss Breeze’s team won, children from Topaz class were in the teams that came first and second. Well done to all the children

World book day!

We didn’t let the snow and ice stop Topaz class dressing up for world book day! We came to school dressed as our favourite book character.

As part of celebrations in school we had to decorate our door, as a class we picked to do our door Cinderella themed as we enjoyed learning about Cinderella last half term.

A visit from the dogs trust 

On Tuesday we had a visit from the dogs trust. We talked all about dogs and if anyone had a pet dog at home. 

We then talked about what dogs like to eat and what foods can make dogs poorly. We also talked about what toys dogs like, how to look after them and how to stay safe around dogs. 

We all got a certificate to say we had participated in the session. We were very excited to get our dogs trust pen!